Volunteer in BurlingtonThe North End Food Pantry is 100% volunteer and donation run. So when we say we couldn’t do it without you, we really mean it.


Organize a drive to collect food, personal care items or clothing
Contact Thom first to find out what is needed. contact 


  • Safety – You must follow the state of Vermont’s Covid-19 safety guidance; wear masks, sanitize hands and social distance.
  • Respect – You need to treat other volunteers and users of our services with respect.
  • Confidentiality – If you see someone you know coming for help, be polite and friendly. You are not allowed to tell anyone who you see at The North End Pantry, nor are you allowed to repeat anything you hear. We want to respect everyone’s privacy. Some people may have left an abusive relationship or they may be picking up for someone else. Do not assume you know the person’s situation.
  • Caring – Concerns should be reported. If you see or hear something that concerns you, such as suspected abuse, illness, suicide or self harm, report it immediately to Thom Fleury, Coordinator of the North End Pantry.
  • Reliable – People needing our services are counting on you to be here. Be on time and volunteer the length of time you have committed to volunteer.
  • Gratitude – Thank you, we appreciate your time and generous spirit. We foster a culture of appreciation for each other – recipients of our help and all the good they do in our community and those currently apple to help with our efforts.
Volunteer to run a food, personal care item or clothing drive.

Volunteer to run a food, personal care item or clothing drive.